Building Engines, the commercial real estate (CRE) industry’s innovation leader in saas property management solutions, today announced that it has been chosen as the first place winner in the Property & Facility Management category for the sixth annual cretech real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS), presented by CREtech and JLL Spark. The #RETAS.

CREtech’s mission is to connect the commercial real estate and tech sectors, bringing a new age of innovation and growth to the industry. The CREtech team comes from within the industry and is passionate about advocacy and is expert on all things commercial real estate technology.

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Regardless of what is happening in the current political climate in the UK. Ultra high net worth individuals are buying more real estate than ever before and are making the most of the current.

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With few outside forces mandating a tech revolution, the sector historically eschewed the changes it would take for tech to dramatically alter CRE. When I step back and think about where we are in CREtech, I’m continually inspired by the extraordinary passion of entrepreneurs working and fighting to bring innovation to market.

The digital revolution that is happening around the. “We see innovation all around the world and we invest in innovation regardless of the country. I think the people who are going to solve the.

The largest and most anticipated real estate event in South Florida. More than 3,500+ attendees, including financiers, developers, tech firms, architects, designers and brokers, are expected to gather for this exclusive one-day event that gives businesses a chance to connect with decision-makers who have a direct impact on their company’s growth.

Not that long ago I would have said that if you want innovation you have to go to tech. But you know what. you have a conceptual win that will now be a real win and keep alive the momentum of Lilly.

‘Innovation’ has become such a buzzword in tech circles and I would agree with Toby Shapshak that real innovation is about solving real, large, complex problems (you can watch his excellent TEDtalk for his opinions on innovation). Working in developing markets gives you the opportunity to solve real problems, and the best bit is, you can.