SHOPPING SUPER MALL: How to Apply Perfume to Your Body

While you may have since swapped out your body spray for a pricier perfume, Bath & Body Works continues to be, according to L Brands, "one of the world’s leading specialty retailers and home to America’s Favorite Fragrances."If it’s been a while since you‘ve stepped foot in your local Bath & Body Works, it might be time to pay the store a visit – at least for nostalgia’s sake.

Posts about mall perfume shopping written by sorceressofthedark.. It’s been super successful so far and I’m excited that people even like it and want to smell like me.. Or, spray it on your linens along with yourself and luxuriate in Sensual Amber. As your body heats up, so does this.

BBW Supervisor-PARKDALE MALL Bath & Body Works Beaumont, We offer a breadth of exclusive fashion fragrances for your body and your home, including the #1 fragrance collection in America.

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-Person who seeking for light and top class scent of perfume 9.How to use it – Apply the cologne to your pulse points. These are the areas of your body that produce a lot of body heat. The heat will cause the fragrance to continue to smell good all day long. If you just put the cologne on your clothes, it may not be detectable for long.

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Answers. Perfume is fragrance in its purest form- so a little goes a long way- eau de cologne and toilete water are more dilute. You should apply some to your pulse points to effectively make them work for you, inside wrist, elbow, along your carotids on side of neck, and behind your knee cap. just a dab on your temples.

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Tips: Apply cologne to your dry skin, not your clothes. If your body is wet from a shower, the water will disrupt the cologne’s ability to interact with your oils, and also evaporate more quickly. If your body is wet from a shower, the water will disrupt the cologne’s ability to interact with your oils, and also evaporate more quickly.