Florida refinance home loans and hard money

Refinancing means the primary borrower responsible for repaying the existing loan will take out a new loan that’s only in his or her own name — no cosigner will guarantee the loan. Once the primary.

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Welcome to The Associates Home Loan of Florida, Inc. A Mortgage Brokerage Firm & Hard Money Lender Different Than the Rest Associates is a conforming and non-conforming mortgage brokerage firm, specializing in alternative lending resources and flexible underwriting guidelines.

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Browse our loan programs to find the one that works best for your transaction. We have options for most borrowers, and plenty of great properties in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Texas, Michigan, and even New Jersey that are ready for your investment.

Residential Bridge Loan – Hard Money Loan: Florida Hard money loan program *No minimum credit score.. Purchase loans and Refinance loans;. Since 2008, Private Money Utah has been providing hard money loans to real estate investors. Private Money Utah is trusted by its borrowers because we provide a reliable, fast process for funding loans.

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Interest rates vary depending on the mortgage market so if you happen to. States where Private Money Cash-Out is Available: Nationwide to include Florida ,

LendingHome is a reliable, direct lender that issued $146 million worth of loans in Florida and funded 14% of the state’s flipped homes last year.* We offer hard money loans in as few as 5 days, up to 90% of the purchase price, up to 125% rehabilitation with holdback, and fund up to $1 million per deal or $5 million across multiple deals.

Boyd Hard Money Loans Hard Money For Easy Real Estate Investing. Call Us! 888. Fix & Flip (Your buying to improve the property and renovate within 1-2 years) Cash Out Refinance (You already own the property you purchased with another loan and want to refinance it and get cash. “AS-IS” Investment Loans. Investment property in Florida.