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The administration initially predicted the TARP-funded Home Affordable Modification program would help up to 4 million at-risk homeowners to avoid foreclosure. Republicans in the U.S. House of.

HANDS of Central Florida- leading the way home since 1989.. Assistance working with your lender regarding a mortgage loan modification to retain your home, or another alternative housing solution; and. Orlando Lift. Want your. HomeFree USA. We also help families avoid mortgage foreclosure and predatory loans.

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Homeowner Protection Alliance. It is illegal for anyone to accept upfront payment from homeowners in regards to mortgage assistance or loan modification services. Homeowner should always stay in communication with the mortgage Servicer on their loan, and mortgage companies and lenders may decide against modifying mortgage terms per guidelines and program restrictions.

InCharge is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency and provides. Visit the Freddie Mac Avoiding Foreclosure Resource Center to find useful tips, tools, and. Freddie Mac Borrower Help Centers are located in several cities throughout the United States.. Mail: 5750 Major BLVD., Suite 300, Orlando, FL 32819.

Zombie titles result when banks do not complete foreclosures, leaving. Financial challenges are a very real problem for many people in Orlando, and. forced into foreclosure, or choose to leave their homes in an effort to avoid bankruptcy.. news report, there are approximately 152,000 such homes across the U.S. It is.

is based in Orlando and helps home owners who need to sell their house fast, House Solutions USA is a real estate solutions company based out of Orlando.. what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure,

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If you have enough equity, we can simply purchase your home very quickly so you avoid a foreclosure sale. In certain situations, where there is not so much equity, we may be able to offer you Cash in return for the deed to the house and our company would keep making the mortgage payments to the bank on your behalf.

This can include: –being several months behind in mortgage payments. –having received, or about to receive, a foreclosure notice. –owing more on your mortgage than the actual value of your house. –a recent financial shock, such as loss of a job, or large medical expense.